How to do SEO for video blogs

I am a big fan of using video online for a couple of reasons, one I am a natural extrovert, I never need a second invite to get up on stage. And two, I find it much more difficult to write things down rather than demonstrate them. With services like Tube Mogul you can now shoot a video upload it once and distribute it to nearly every decent video broadcast platform online.

All of this is fantastic but comes with one draw back. Search engines don’t index video very well! So your well crafted video maybe 100% relevant to your target market but unless you also provide some kind of text it may not be found in the search results.

You may have noticed that with my last two posts I have provided a transcript based on the commentary in the video. Nearly every word spoken, is now in text form under the video. Therefore, when the search engines next crawl my web site they can also crawl the content of my video.

Now there is no way I have the time or skills to do audio typing and transcribe every word, this is where cheap outsourcing comes in. For less than $3 (£2 approx.) each I had the both videos transcribed within a few hours using a service called SpeakerText. Some minor editing was required but other than that the transcriptions are perfect. As an added bonus if you wish you can embed the SpeakerText version of your video which allows the text to be click-able and starts the video at that point in the commentary, but always add the transcribed text aswell. See the SpeakerText version embedded below:

Further, your content is now even more accessible, where the audio portion of the video is great for people who have impaired vision or who are blind, with the transcription the hard of hearing or deaf can also enjoy your video blog.

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