The Paris Region Channel Web TV Initiative (PREDA)

Credits: Aéroports de Paris − LUIDER, Emile − LA COMPANY

Credits: Aéroports de Paris − LUIDER, Emile − LA COMPANY

If you mention Paris in the context of online business LeWeb is what normally comes to mind.

For the last 6 years this event has attracted businesses and entrepreneurs from around the globe.

Now the Paris Region Economic Development Agency (PREDA) is looking to use Social Media to do the same, but on a more permanent basis. In a bid to promote the Paris Region, PREDA has turned online, not just with it’s own website, but having also established the Paris Region Channel Web TV on YouTube.

The aim is to not only promote the PREDA initiative itself, but to also provide a platform for the local and foreign businesses that take part in the development, to promote themselves.

The PREDA Web TV initiative is leveraging the explosive growth in online video consumption. According to comScore YouTube had 152 million unique viewers in January 2012, watching over 18 billion videos at an average of 7.5 hours per viewer, dominating the online video market.

The Paris Region Channel Web TV is only part of the overall digital strategy to publicise the region and it’s potential using Social Media and other innovative tools. The promotional program will consist of a business magazine, sector-specific regular features, an integrated Twitter campaign, along with an attempt to stimulate viral activity through communication campaigns, a well-stocked photo library and more.


This campaign is an example of a great initiative, that consists of a well planned business strategy that leverages platforms both online and offline. The YouTube channel is currently populated with 30 videos, with more to come. The Paris Region Twitter stream is very active doing its best to provide information, engage and share useful content.

Founded in 2001 by The Conseil Régional d’Ile-de-France, and still its main source of funding, PREDA exists to attract investment into the region stimulating growth and employment. Assisting businesses that wish to set up within the Paris Region in finding premises and staff. PREDA also provide fiscal and legal advice, identifying commercial and R&D partners, PR initiatives and supplying practical day-to-day information.

In 2010, the Paris Region assisted in 243 projects (business creations, extensions and acquisitions) that will lead to in excess of 8,400 jobs for the region and it’s economy. More than 30% of the foreign companies that are established in France each year are set up within the Paris Region.

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