Website review for Sierra Crossing Images

Sierra Crossing Images produce wildlife and landscape printed aluminium plate. This is a great looking product that is let down by a poorly produced website.

If this was a home grown site many of the usability and implementation issues could be forgiven. The fact that this was a commercially built site shows you need to be selective when choosing a company to present your products online.

Ensure your developer works to the WCAG 2 guidelines from the W3C, if they can meet even the lowest of these standards your site should be in reasonably good hands.

Anyway here is my video review of the website, please feel free to add your comments:

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  • Sean, found your critique very informative and spot on!
    I am doing research on site building now so I will know in the future when a pro is really a pro.

    The program writing (behind my website) was done by a programmer and I can only edit/change the actual content on the pages.
    Most of the ideas you gave to improve the site were valid and I am asking if a programmer can rewrite the areas and make those changes within the basic site we already have up?
    Thank you for enlightening us on the changes we need to make and giving us encouragement to continue with our products.

  • admin


    You are more than welcome & best of luck with the web site and those great looking plates.

    All the best