How to Remove the Admin Bar in WordPress 3.1

A new release for WordPress is due shortly. The WordPress 3.1 update will see the addition of easy linking to existing posts, rather than having to find the post and paste in the URL there will be a menu option to select the post or page to link to for easy inclusion.

TinyMCE is the WYSIWYG editor that allows you to format posts, there was a new version released earlier in the year which had improvements and this is to be included. The forgotten password work-flow is also to be simplified, allowing users to enter a custom password and cut down on the email notifications sent.

One of the more controversial additions is the Admin Bar similar to the administration bar you find on a site. In itself the Admin Bar may prove quite useful, but it is the omission of any built-in functionality that allows you to turn it off or disable it that is likely to raise comment. In testing the Admin Bar has been found to break some Themes, to this end the following video takes you through 2 options that allow you to remove or disable the Admin Bar in WordPress 3.1.

Any feedback, questions or comments welcome below.

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